The Mystery Of Human Brain

An adult’s brain has about 100 billion neurons, each connected to its neighbours by 5000 synapses to form a large neural network.

It can store information for more than a century if you live that long, automatically cataloguing, re-filing and editing as needed. Many of us do not use more than 10% of our brain through our life time, leaving the remaining brain cells in dormant and unconscious state.

SuperBrain™ Transformation programme enhance existing brain power and unlock the potential of untapped powers.

Golden Period For Brain Development

  • Our brain is the foundation of learning, which applies not only to the academic learning but to emotional learning and general interpretation of the world.
  • On average, we only utilize 2-5% of our brain. During the age of 5 to 12 is the critical phase for our brain to accept the stimulus signals, and it is the golden period for brain development.
  • From age 4-12, the brain remains a dense network of neural connections, hungrily responding to new experiences.

Holistic Approach To Brain Development

The cerebrum refers to the parts of the brain containing the cerebral cortex (of the two cerebral hemispheres), normally known as Left and Right Brains.

The cerebellum is a region of the brain that plays an important role in motor control. It is also involved in regulating fear and pleasure responses. It has an inherent ability to predict upcoming events and disasters.

The midbrain is a portion of the central nervous system associated with vision, hearing, motor control, sleep/wake, arousal (alertness), and temperature regulation.

The corpus callosum, is a wide, flat bundle of neural fibers beneath the cortex. It connects the left and right cerebral hemispheres and facilitate interhemispheric communication.


  • Stimulate

    Brain stimulation through Pictures, Animations, Videos and Finger Exercises.

  • Develop

    Right brain development through Chroma Charts.

  • Enhance

    Brain wave enhancement through Sound Wave Music.

  • Synchronise

    Right and left brain synchronisation through Sound Wave Music.

  • Activate

    Cerebellum and Midbrain activation through Sound Wave Music.


  • Superbrain Perspective™ is a development technique using pictures and images to develop right brain of participants.
  • Superbrain Vision™ is a development technique using animated videos to train participants’ ability to use and control
    the right and left brains.
  • Superbrain Exerceo™ is a development technique to develop participants’
  • Superbrain Memoria™ is a development technique using videos and music to enhance memory of participants.
  • Superbrain Chroma™ is a  development technique to develop right brain using a series of colour charts.
  • Superbrain Activatio™ uses images, animations and sound waves to enhance, synchronise and activate Midbrain and Cerebellum.


  • Improved in Memory and Motor Skills

  • Improved in Concentration and Focus Ability

  • Improved in Creativity and Innovation Thinking Skills

  • Enhanced Brain Power and Brain Waves